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About Forest Floor Herbals

Hi, I'm Nicole, the founder of Forest Floor Herbals.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to go outside and get my hands dirty. As a little girl, I would play in woods and the cornfields surrounding my house, making "magic potions" out of all the plants and flowers I could find

As an adult, I started studying the art and science of herbal medicine. I've been studying and using herbs for over 5 years, and chose to further my herbal education with Artemisia Academy in Santa Barbara, CA. I now serve as Artemisia Academy's Apothecary Manager and Herb Walk Instructor.


My journey with herbs all began after experiencing an extremely traumatic life event.

All of my usual ways of coping weren’t working. I was looking for alternative ways to help heal and soothe my tired, hurting soul and body. I started out with drinking herbal teas. I noticed a difference right away. Herbal medicine helped me reconnect with my life force in a way some modern western medicine fell short. My plants have become an important supplemental treatment to help me fill in all the gaps as I continued to take my medications, see my doctors, engage in spiritual, mental, and physical self-care, and generally take care of business.

I used to buy teas and tinctures made by others (and I still do on occasion), until I learned how to make my own teas, body oils, tinctures, and salves. I found it not only to be fun, but extremely life-giving!Then I started sharing them with loved ones and friends. They liked my products so much, they asked for more! Thus, Forest Floor Herbals was born.

What started out as a journey to self-heal has become something much more. I am fascinated with learning more about herbs in their medicinal properties. The more I learn, the closer I feel my ancestors who relied heavily on plant medicine to survive and thrive, and the more connected I feel to our beautiful planet and Creator. Herbalism has changed my life for the better, and I can’t remember what life was like before I started experiencing the joy of using plant medicine on a daily basis.

I take pride in helping friends and family get better sleep, relax, treat minor ailments, boost their immunity, and heal right alongside of me. Will you join me in embracing the life-giving, healing power of plants?

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