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Herb Infused Oils

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"Nicole’s herbal remedies have been a huge help to me while dealing with the stresses of 2020. Her sleep aid helped me get some rest despite my worries, and her Flower Power oil cleared up my eczema flare this summer when my Dr. recommended lotion could not. Thank you so much, sweet Nicole!"

—Sue Z.

"We have ordered the Flower Power Oil twice now and it has been such a powerful tool in my family’s skin care regime. I use it on my hands and neck at the end of the day and I use it on my children’s skin after rough and tumble days outdoors. My skin is softer and more radiant than it has been in years while my children’s skin is hydrated and nourished. Wonderful products from a kind and gentle soul who crafts these oils with care."

— Laura S.

"Nicole is a knowledgeable and caring herbalist. She worked with me to determine the best products for my specific concerns, shared lots of information about them, and answered all my questions. After using her products I noticed a difference right away and have continued to order more! I highly recommend them!"

— Corey T.

"I am so in love with the sleep aid tincture. I appreciate that it is all natural and I feel refreshed in the morning. I can fall asleep within minutes and feel great in the morning! I am such a believer in this product that the second time around I brought 3 bottles at once just to make sure I never have to go a night without it!"

— Bianca L.

I started using tinctures from Forest Floor Herbals after I was having trouble sleeping for several months. As a new mom I didn’t want to take harsh medications that would make me feel groggy and out of it during the day. I noticed a big difference in my ability to fall asleep after the first time I tried the Anti-Anxiety Blend tincture. After using it for 30 days my sleep was back to normal. I’ve been using it daily since. Thank you! 

— Ashleigh P.

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